15 October 2008

comfort food...let's start with dessert

I have a cold.  One of the insidious bugs that settle in for serious one-on-one time with my lungs and voice.  So, I have a need for comfort food.  Something somewhat quick, not too complicated, yet rib-sticking and completely, deeply satisfying.

I have started with dessert:  angel food cake (this is the only light part of this meal, so hold on to your britches) with enough half-and-half to soak through the entire piece of cake, topped with fresh raspberries (at an insanely high price tag).

In the oven is my version of heaven in potatoes:  a white onion sauteed until brown and sweet; chunks of ham added until they, too, are browned and sweetened; layer these two with shredded cheese and cubed already-baked potatoes in a nice big dish; add a bit of chicken stock and milk with fresh ground pepper.  Stick this tasty fare in the oven until it bubbles and the smell drives you crazy.

I have the salad ready, on my plate, in anticipation.

Then I will end this meal with my second serving of dessert.

What a great way to begin and end a meal, a Wednesday meal!