22 September 2008

autumn begins

New school, new agenda for me this fall.  The super early mornings and piles of paperwork are taking their toll.  Kicking me down the lane, actually.

Even though there are still quite warm days in the ninety's, the evenings and early mornings have a change, a snippet of chill.  A sure sign of season's transformation.  We don't see the dramatic changes of color one gets in the northeast, but I do see shades of yellow, orange, and brown around town.  Each season is a wonder to me and I look forward to them all.  But the endings and beginnings are especially noteworthy in my eyes.  I am ready for a revision, a modification.

Welcome autumn!

01 September 2008

a day off

Yahoo! September is here! A month full of birthdays, an anniversary, and buckle-down-get-serious-school-days.

Today was created as a day off for the workers in this country, but no one gave my husband that memo. He labors today.

Looks like I need to patch up these labor-work pants! At the end of the day, an ice-cold beer (low-cal) really hits the spot in the back of a parched throat.

I labored too.
Yes, it was work! Serious work. Pleasing work. Creative work. Work that is destined for a much colder, "real winter" climate come this late fall.

We also had these beyond-hot peppers to get rid of--oh, I mean "use"--so I made a double batch of hot pepper jelly. It only made four half-pints. Yikes! That simply won't be enough. We ate the left-over bit that wouldn't fill a jar completely just with our meal today! A pleasurable balance of hot and sweet, with a nice "after-glow" in the mouth.