12 May 2010

and just like that, a new season begins

The nasty affair, the wet business of unpredictable fickle spring weather is largely past.  There was a last hrumph of dark grey clouds, a wee bit more of snow in the mountains, before Persephone emerged to kiss the growing warm season a start.

Our tomatoes are blooming, herbs are flourishing, but some re-seeding and re-planting may be needed here and there.  Snails, in their prime element of rainy cool weather, have stripped the marigolds down to stems.  Lettuce and peas took huge hits as well.  Oh, the joys of spring planting and organic growing.

There's the most delicious cloud of sweetness hanging around the lemon trees, as well as a constant low hum of honey bees.  Looking at the number of blossoms and the business of pollination in full swing, I dare say we'll have a nice crop this winter.  Yum!