09 August 2007

from 5 to 500

Numbers seem to be a theme lately. Sally C. recently noted a meme I can "live" with. Name five things you'd like to have 500 of.
  • Five hundred square feet for a work area. The building design: a Quonset hut, stained concrete floors, sky lighting, covered porch (need to have inside and outside work areas). Those who know me won't laugh at the Quonset hut design. I absolutely love the design, the shape, the simplicity of them. Work use: knitting/fiber area (duh), small library, pottery/clay area, and drafting table. Yeah, ok, I'd like a bigger Quonset hut...I'll share the other 500 square feet with my DH so he can have a space for his welding and metal work.

  • Room in my library for another 500 books (that I don't already have but would then have room to acquire).

  • Five hundred square feet for a walk-in closet and dressing room. Cedar walls in the closet. Glass blocks high on the wall for natural light, maybe a sky light.

  • Five hundred free hours of bill-able time from a contractor for work on the house.

  • Five hundred hours of holiday time spent with my husband in a place of his choosing.

1 comment:

brooklynx said...

You and your quonset huts. And yes, I will laugh. Because you are cute. But you deserve it, strange though it may be. Maybe Papa can camouflage it so we don't actually have to see it. *g* The other stuff you definitely need. Looks like we have to win the lottery one of these days.