01 September 2008

a day off

Yahoo! September is here! A month full of birthdays, an anniversary, and buckle-down-get-serious-school-days.

Today was created as a day off for the workers in this country, but no one gave my husband that memo. He labors today.

Looks like I need to patch up these labor-work pants! At the end of the day, an ice-cold beer (low-cal) really hits the spot in the back of a parched throat.

I labored too.
Yes, it was work! Serious work. Pleasing work. Creative work. Work that is destined for a much colder, "real winter" climate come this late fall.

We also had these beyond-hot peppers to get rid of--oh, I mean "use"--so I made a double batch of hot pepper jelly. It only made four half-pints. Yikes! That simply won't be enough. We ate the left-over bit that wouldn't fill a jar completely just with our meal today! A pleasurable balance of hot and sweet, with a nice "after-glow" in the mouth.

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