24 June 2009

reflection, part 2

As I was cleaning up, organizing, and reminiscing my way through oodles of photos (you know, like you do...), I came across some sights specific only to the town I grew up in. Those formative years, those years upon which impressions of the world are built. Caution: the county has legal gambling (which for some folks is not such an "oh!" these days) everywhere...in the grocery store, at the petrol station, at the bowling alley...everywhere.

Someone years and years ago killed, stuffed, and mounted a polar bear. It still resides inside this casino, forever on display behind a huge glass box, standing upright to greet everyone who enters. I have never felt good about seeing that regal creature, even as a child, in such a state.

The county also has legal prostitution.

I don't know how to add on to that last statement. These establishments are located over the "tracks" and down by the river. That sounds cliche but it's true.

Growing up with these businesses in town was normal for me. Some have been around since long before my time, some have sprung up since I have left the area. They were just part of the town. Such as small towns are, I'm sure everyone knew everyone else's "business". We knew my friend's uncle spent most evenings in this neighborhood. The first places we went as high school-ers to sell raffles and fund raisers were here. The last places we would tell anyone we went by were here.

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brooklynx said...

Gotta love it. Were these pics you took when you were out there or did you nab them from the interwebs?