05 August 2009

fresh-picked peaches and a multitude of berries leads to...

...spending an outstanding afternoon teaching a friend to make jam for her first time--she loves the "pop" of the lids as they seal almost as much as I do.

...mixing boysenberries, blackberries, marionberries, logan berries, blueberries, strawberries, and peaches for a flavor that is so extraordinary and intense.

...making fresh loaves of banana bread, topped with cream cheese to properly sample the still-warm berry jam (my man's new favorite snack).

...constructing a peach cobbler to share at knit night.


Diane said...

OH, how I WISH I could come to your knit night!! With peach cobbler! Oh my!!

marta said...
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marta said...

Sorry - that comment had technical difficulties and I just had to delete it. Here we go again:
The jam looks yummy! I can practically smell it.
I'm sure we all have the same classroom days. Do you go back soon? Still teaching the same level? I'm thrilled to have a contract and even more, that it's 5th grade. Take care!