06 November 2009

the wool is coming out

That cool snap of fall is definitely here!  Now, I know it's not the same as for friends and family farther north or higher altitudes, but for us in the California valley moderate-climate zones 8 and 9, it's chilly in the evening and early morning (no, really, it is).  I won't discuss the (ahem) near 80 degree (F) weather we have during the day, or mention (only briefly) to you about the lemon trees that have decided to bloom again leaving a sweet scent in the air.  The shadows are longer, the minutes of daylight are dwindling, and the deciduous tree colors are now into the yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.  Those are the perfect signs of seasonal change for savory soup, hot bread, and a favorite mug filled with a tasty warm liquid.

Wool yarn, which was untouchable in the summer heat, has been happily finding its way into my knitting basket and bag.  Six items are checked off the holiday gift list.  Of course that list seems to have a life of its own and appears to be adding items in the middle of the night...my, oh my!  It's a bit concerning when I notice the date on the calendar.  I am, however, determined to stick with my two-fold plan of a handmade and parred down holiday this year.

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