01 January 2010

cheers two thousand ten

The clouds and drizzle last night prevented me seeing the blue moon.  The overcast today prevents me from seeing a blue sky.  Neither take away from the excitement of a new year--a fresh, clear beginning.  Our planet, with her axis tipped oh so slightly to one side as if to say "huh, so this is what it's all about", has carried us safely through another year's journey around the sun.

Last year was a labyrinth of boxes, both physical and metaphorical.  Some of them continue to linger in alleyways, in shadows, in corners, stirring chaos and turbulence.  I am not one to put down resolutions.  They are so finite, constricting,...and, well, yes, boxing.  I believe Ali Edwards is onto something, choosing one little word for the year.  One word that is really not a little word at all, but is charged with intent.  One word that is, in its simplicity, irrefutable and authentic.

The boxes must go, my life simplified, streamlined.  The one word that comes to me over and over is:  clear.  It's such a multi-faceted word; it's a verb, an adjective, and an adverb.  Yes, this one little five letter word is perfect for my boxes.  CLEAR it is!

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