08 March 2010

nine on cloud nine

There's a change in the light and temperature of each day.  I don't need a calendar to tell me this.  Flowering pear and plum trees are exploding in whites and pinks.  Herbs in the garden are sprouting up as are the spring vegetables (yes!).  What a delightful start to spring.

Refreshing and exciting things right now:

::  In yoga I am finding strength, quiet, peace, a center.  Very good.

::  Oh, the sunshine!  That spring sun which draws the face upward, brings work to a stop, and beckons a walk down the garden path.  Hello!  Welcome!

::  Seed catalogs are being inspected.  Lists are forming.  Plans are developing.

::  Roots in pots are divided and fresh soil from the compost added.  The dark brown compost from last fall's harvest and canning is looking quite rich.

::  Scraps of yarn strategically placed in the trees and mesh bags are starting to disappear.  I'm sure they are adding just the right color scheme to some bird's nest.

::  The twitters and warbles of the birds has increased ten fold (and so has the volume of bird feed being consumed).  Wild turkeys are visiting, as are doves.  The volume of activity has, in turn, attracted hawks, who circle or land on a post nearby, patiently waiting for the perfect moment.

::  I have been reading "My Life in France", a memoir by Julia Child.  (Can I just say that Google Translate, for all the French terms,is my new best friend?)  I am inspired by her zest for adventure, her spunk, her sassiness.

::  Snails and ants.  They come with the territory and climate.  With snails it's just a daily patrol of picking.  They're an interesting creature but can eliminate gardens and flowers in just a few days.  Ants are a constant issue.  I detest using chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, people, and animals, and frankly I don't believe one can ever purge ants completely.  There was an interesting piece on NPR about such a topic the day I was spotting ant scouts about the kitchen.  Yes, I do believe it's highly likely these little guys are here, lurking by my kitchen.  Somehow, between this new knowledge and the sun beams teasing me, these two creatures are quite do-able.

::  My knitting mojo is back in spades.  Two unfinished projects near completion, and this little number is in my radar for summer wear.  This top just sings out spring and a trip up the coast.  Yup, I'm ready to knit for myself.


The Stamps Family said...

Oh, I like the sweater. Yes, I to love spring. You are so poetic when it come to your writtings, I love it

Gotta Knit! said...

Oh I read "My Life in France" a few months ago. Great read. They should have made that into a movie instead of that silly Julia & Julie book.

brooklynx said...

Interesting note, if you DO have Argentine ants, poison works but spraying pesticides only makes them reproduce more. One more vote for borax.