21 June 2010

it's going to be a long, wonderful day

A rousing welcome to the first day of summer--the Summer Solstice--for those in the Northern Hemisphere!  We have had such a incredible spring this year, with cooler-than-average days, higher-than-average moisture, and outstanding displays of wild flowers.  It's sure to be a bumper crop of elderberries, gooseberries, and chokecherries in the mountains this summer!

Our planned celebration--

::  hot coffee, pancakes, raspberries, pure Vermont maple syrup

::  fresh greens from the garden topped with roasted beets, Boursin cheese, citrus-balsamic glaze, and almonds.

::  a bicycle ride along nature trails

::  spending time together (holding hands, laughing, sharing...a nap may be included)

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Gotta Knit! said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate.