08 June 2007

a felting we will go

Felting: the act or process of making felt. Well, that sounds a bit confusing...our language is rich, so I looked for a better definition. Felt Frenzy says 'felting...is an art...the process of deliberately tangling and shrinking wool...fibers.' 'If you already know how to knit and do laundry, you have the skills and supplies you need...' Humm. I like art. Check. I knit. Check. I do laundry. Check. Sweet--I have the skills! Let's do it.

But wait...I was not trying to felt. I just had an old wool blanket that the cat threw-up on and it needed to be washed. In the wash it went, on gentle, no big changes in temperature, no major agitation (to the blanket). It got washed twice (accident...there begins the problem). I don't remember putting it in the dryer. I am usually better at these things. But in the dryer it went as a double/queen size wool blanket, out it came as a throw blanket, too small for even a twin size. Notice the hole in the lower right? Da Vinci loves to chew, no... eat..., wool. Curiousity is always lurking with cats. Sirani was caught peeking up behind the blanket--one never knows what might be there.

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brooklynx said...

Ahahahahahahahaha!! Gotta love shrink in wool. I really don't know how DaVinci has managed not to have some sort of blockage by now with all the wool and fabric he's managed to eat over the years.