09 June 2007

saturday, saturday, dance to the music...

Sitting in the early morning sunlight on the back patio... knitting on the Greenery Hat (thank you Lilith) with my baby alpaca... keeping an eye on da Vinci (the escape artist cat who is survivor challenged)... Sirani keeping a watch on my knitting... drinking coffee from England out of my coffee-swap cup... life is good.

Getting on to brunch time, I cooked up some soup chock-full of vegetables from the garden with homemade chicken broth and chicken sausages with sun-dried tomatoes and basil, along with toasted rye and french bread. Ahh, summer is here.

What is a morning without a Sudoku puzzle? Or two or three?


Beth said...

Hi Laurie,
Can you send me your email address so I can answer your questions about my diet. I hate how Blogger won't let me see your email!

Patty said...

Ahhh.... I want your life! The coffee in the morning sun, the veggies from the garden and homemade soup. Sounds fabulous.

Susan said...

Wow! That's a dreamy Saturday.
Fresh veggies, coffee, knitting and Sudoku!!!
Love it!

Tournesol said...

Ah -I thought I remember that cup!Looked like you had a lovely summer day.