08 October 2007

going pink for a month

Pink for October was first initiated in October of 2006, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Web sites all over the world are invited to change their templates (or whatever they feel comfortable with changing) to include the color pink, for the month of October.

My mother's sister endured years of surgeries, toxic drugs, and radiation. She offered herself as a test subject for treatments, in hopes that others might benefit from the results. Cancer is persistant. In the end, it won. I miss her wisdom, her creativity, her support.


Angie said...

Hi laurie
Breast cancer is a big issue for me too, my mother had breast cancer and lost her battle after 20 years,what i miss most is her honesty, ive had genetic counselling and am at high risk myself, so thats how come i started fundraising, giving something back and hope for major advances in prevention,I always think pink!!

Val said...

Dear Laurie,
I lost you again, but after much perserverance in seeking you out, here you are. I think of Aunt Sharon at times, she was great. My daughter had uterine cancer earlier this year. The doctor said it was very agressive, she had a hysterectomy and is doing quite well now. I LOVE YOU and think of you so very often.