16 February 2008

citrus squeeze

While there are many folks knee-deep (or deeper) in snow right now, I am reminded by the occasional dropped, over-ripe fruit on the ground and new, white blossoms on the branches to finish up the harvest of Meyer lemons. This year the two trees have produced only about four grocery-sized bags of marvelous nourishment. I attribute the low crop numbers to the construction around them this last year, since we ripped out the inefficient water system and the poor things have had to rely on my memory to receive moisture during the hot summer months. The fruit is smaller than normal--they are the size of lemons that one would find in stores (wimpy), but my normal is the size of a small orange (23 cm/9 inches) or larger. An average year, my harvest equals six to eight bags of lemons.

These three packages of golden goodness will be delivered to grateful recipients tomorrow. I see lemonade, lemon meringue pie, lemon sorbet, and lemon-thyme chicken on the horizon.

Need more ideas for Meyer lemons? Check out this.


brooklynx said...

If those would survive the mail, I'd totally want some. YUMMY. Love you much.

Gotta Knit! said...

Oh you have given me hope! I purchased a 3 year old Meyer Lemon tree and it's been blooming indoors this winter. Come spring I am going to replant it in a bigger pot. I hope to have lemons some time in 2008. Have to bring it in for the late fall and winter time. Even in Atlanta it gets to cold for it during those seasons.