28 February 2008

things i delight in

More times than not (it seems), this blog ebbs and flows with snippets, bits, and pieces of me. Don't think for a moment, dear friends, that this negates your duty-sworn promise to keep in touch through writing letters (the old fashion way), phoning, email, or a lunch date.

I enjoy the challenge of writing and photography this blog gives me. Having said that, here are ten things I delight in. They are in no particular order of preference, and by no means are they the only things I delight in (as a reminder, re-read the first sentence of this entry).

  • the gliding sensation and effect of graphite as it gives itself to paper; the constant gauge of a mechanical pencil
  • the lingering aroma of pine and dirt while walking through a forest
  • brushing up against herb plants to release their earthy fragrance
  • the influence and silent communication of my husband's gentle touch
  • getting lost in the magic of a book's words
  • the sweetness, acidity, and warmth of that first freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning
  • the rush of cold water from a creek rippling over bare feet after a long hike
  • the scent of horses, the hint of hay on their breath, the trace of leather lingering in the air
  • ebbs and flows :: a stillness in the air with the first callings of birds preparing for the day just as the sun begins its promising ascent; surrendering to the subdued colors and peacefulness of the evening as dusk and darkness approaches
  • foods :: fresh; rich, intense flavors mixed with subtle, multiple layerings


Antevasin said...

Have you been saving all these posts up? Where did they come from? I check here everyday and I'm sure I didn't see anything beyond a notable day....or am I hallucinating? lol Isn't the sun just glorious?!?!

brooklynx said...

Stupid pencils. I'm even disgruntled when they make you use them for multiple choice tests. At least our essays had to be written in pen.