10 April 2008

a growing movement

Now, maybe it's hormones, maybe I was born at the wrong end of an era, maybe I'm an idealist, but I am quite touched by the many different people I have come across (on the internet as well as in person) who create small differences in the lives of others. They give me great inspiration and affect me deeply.

This "Don Quixote" aspect of my being brought me to teaching and continues to energize me. One moment at a time. One small change at a time. One child at a time.

What started out as a plan for bringing art and social empathy into the classroom and home, continues to evolve into something deeper, bigger, stronger.

Krystyn Heide is the passion behind 'Hope Revolution', yet another way to encourage and inspire others.


cher said...

thanks for this post, the ideas are swirling. now time to make a plan of attack!

sophanne said...

Simply lovely.

I teach one class of 7th graders one day a week that have been "scheduled out" of being the "good kids." I've known them since they were 5 as I spend the rest of my job teaching music at an elementary school.

I was thinking this morning as I saw them that Hope was exactly what was missing from their environment. Now I'm thinking that one way to open the door to the possibilities is to encourage them to join the hope revolution.

My brain is humming and humming. I must think.