07 April 2008

meme: passion quilt

"Afterwards, in bed with a book, the spell of television feels remote compared to the journey into the page. To be in a book. To slip into the crease where two pages meet, to live in the place where your eyes alight upon the words to ignite a world of smoke and peril, colour and serene delight. That is a journey no one can end with the change of a channel. Enduring magic."

I want this quote {from "The Way the Crow Flies" by Anne-Marie MacDonald} tattooed to my...well, no I really don't...maybe the feeling, the rush, the passion evoked by this quote to be embedded in my teaching--ha, I do this already!

::Worlds to Ponder and Explore::

I have been challenged by Diane to the education meme Passion Quilt, which seems to be spreading throughout "edublog-land" by creating a picture-quilt of what we educators most passionately want children to learn. There are so many passions for me and the priority of this list is fluid. I have chosen 'reading' today, and have added a quote from a book, which states my passion much more eloquently than I could.

3 Simple Meme Rules:
  • Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about...and give your picture a short title (be sure to give credit to the origination of the picture if it is not your own).
  • Title your blog post "Meme: Passion Quilt" and link back to this blog entry.
  • Include links to folks in your professional learning network or whom you follow on Twitter/Pownce.
As a meme grows and spreads, it mutates. I see many educators also adding explanations and details as well as the photo (how can an educator worth any salt only post a picture with a title?). This was created by a public school educator and has branched out beyond the brick and mortar schools to homeschooling (which takes many wonderful and creative forms--parents are indeed the first, primary, front-line educators of their children). I think this meme is addressed to all, whether their children are yet-to-be, little, or grown, whether they have formal training in education or not. I also will add another metamorphose to this meme. The original "rules" stated an inclusion of five links/people. I have chosen to take that out. It sounds too much like a chain letter {shutter}. This meme will continue on its own or it will die out (both scenarios are natural progressions). If a reader is compelled to share their own passion on what they want their children to learn, then please do so. As Yoda said: "Do or do not...there is no try."

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