28 July 2008

neglect, part one

Because I have an organic yard, free of chemicals and full of beneficial insects, keeping the shade structure and garden from looking like something out of a horror film complete with leg-tangling-throat-catching-spider-webs takes an almost daily sweeping of a broom and spraying of the hose. Sadly I have been preoccupied the past week-plus.

This morning I ventured out to have my morning coffee while surveying the explosion of vegetables in the garden when I came to an abrupt stop. My little wall of tiered pots, while bursting with color and growth, have also become a habitat fit for the arachnid kingdom. Most spiders are indeed beneficial and I don't begrudge them their spot in the yard and cycle of life, just not quite so close to me or my Air Chair. I am both drawn to and repulsed by them--always have been. This one is quite colorful and her web is stunningly large (over three feet in diameter). I guess that means she has been quite busy eating and growing. There are several other spiders of different varieties which have built mesh-like, tent-like webs between the tiers and pots as well. All in all, the quantity and medley of web designs give the entire potted area a shimmering light display in the morning sun worthy of fairy magic. I am not quite sure how to proceed with her. I think for now she will remain, under my watch. If she sticks to her side of the posts, I can live with that.

When I was hiking Lamoille Canyon a couple weeks ago, I came across a fallen tree that looked much like a walking stick insect, complete with legs and all. I wonder how many dozens of hikers, pushing their way up the trail to the lakes, just pass it up (both going up and coming down the trail) without a thought. I sat on a granite rock in the shade (admittedly allowing my at-sea-level-lungs to actually take in what little oxygen exists at that altitude) admiring its unique shape. What an amazing art find!


Bubblesknits said...

Um...that would be one squished spider. lol I can handle most other bugs, but spiders freak me out every time. *shudder* I know they help keep things in balance, but I just prefer them to do it far, far away. lol

Very cool tree, btw.

Antevasin said...

I thought the next pic when I scrolled down was going to show Wilbur the pig and I was going to have to start really worrying about you! lol

Sunflowerfairy said...

Spiders freak me out. I wish that they didn't or perhaps it wasn't so dramatic.

I also hate the feeling of walking into a unnoticed web. Yuck.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Oh! Duh. The reason I popped on-

How are the fires? Did you feel the quake?? Are you safe????