13 August 2008

august days :: thirteen

Falling deeply for:
  • already-shelled sunflower seeds--a slightly salty, crunchy snack that reminds me it's summer.
  • still-warmed-by-the-sun deep-red tomatoes from the garden paired with aromatic basil leaves and slices of fresh soft mozzarella cheese. yum.
  • "Eat, Pray, Love" and getting lost in language.
  • the intricate designs of spider webs.
  • Simple Carousel Hemp shoes--made with recycled rubber car tires, organic cotton, recycled paper pulp, and hemp (I think I really need a pair).
  • the re-emergent popularity of the fondue pot in tandem with a love fest of the outstanding variety of cheeses available.
  • freshly made lemon sorbet with roasted almond slices sprinkled on top.


Mycki said...

Will you share the recipe for lemon sorbet?

Knitting Nurd said...

No summer knitting? Just kidding..thanks for the reminder I need to pick my Eat,Pray,Love book back up and finish it!!

Courtney said...

mmmmm...tomatoes and mozz. :-)