21 August 2008

august days :: twenty one

Love Thursday:
Is this not a wonderful, beautiful specimen? I don't know what her "title" is in the arachnid world, but I just love her fuzzy blackness. Do you see the white heart on her back? How about the cobalt blue eyes?
She lives in the the amaryllis foliage. This is a good thing since she tends to keep the population of insects under control. At last sighting, she was about an inch long, head to toe. Of course, this is only a guess.

I don't know that this spider is a "she". I just tend to say that. I find it interesting how things like ships are named as female. I named my vehicle and computer female names, but not my calculator or dishwasher. I will have to ponder on this a bit more.

Really, look again at this magnificent spider. She is amazing.

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brooklynx said...


Just the other day I was telling someone the story of the pet black widow that Papa brought home from the blast site. No one else seems to think it's as cool an idea as I do, but she was so nifty. Respect for nature can be instilled without fear of nature. I love you guys.