11 April 2009

candy for the senses

Loving this song today as I dance around in the sun beams, dye eggs, and make fresh bread for tomorrow's BBQ. The tequila and lime...they're for the fresh scallop ceviche (we are in charge of appetizers and bread).

I want this music to play when I open and write in my journal! Be still my heart!

This video puts the biggest grin on my face. Oh, the creativity!

These doves make the most wonderful purring/cooing sound. They, too, are enjoying the return of the sun.


Knitting Nurd said...

That is some very be-bopping music there! Such happy notes!

marta said...

very nice! fun! You'll love this: I had various teams of principals cruising through my room at literacy time to "observe" and one of them asked my principal if I would come work for him. He's from New York and opening a new school in... here it is... get ready... CALIFORNIA! snort. Great confidence boost but too bad I can't leave the state.

brooklynx said...

Are those the sweet potato kind? Yum. Now I'm completely craving your bread.