10 April 2009

spring is leaking

Spring break began so beautifully the first part of the week with symphonies of bird calls early in the morning, sun and warmth throughout the day. Inside duties were ignored. Summer "equipment" such as the hammock, air chairs, and sun tea were set out. Potted plants that didn't make it through the rigorous winter were dumped. It was good--no, it was grand. I was warned that I was being a wee bit premature in setting out summer lounging furniture, but I had plans, you see, visions really, that included sun, books, and abandonment of time.

Then the rain began. Heavy rain at first, which I thought was fine--it was needed. It washed the dust off the leaves of the palms, watered the sprouting bulbs, knocked off the last leaves of the oak tree which diligently holds tight the previous year's leaves through the winter. But the rain didn't stop. It's been followed by a constant drip and drizzle every day, all week.

The hammock...soaked. The air chairs...filling with water. The sun tea...not as tasty when one is curled up in a quilt instead of stretched and basking in the warmth of a bright, blue-sky day.

Still, I am determined to make the most of this spring break, damp or dry. I am working on those much-needed spring deep cleaning projects inside. Much like our cat catching an opportunity to drink from the dripping faucet, my cup is half full of possibilities.


Knitting Nurd said...

Ha! We did the same thing..set the furniture out along with the sun tea, started our garden...and then the next day we were already filtering the water in our fountain from the dust being washed down into it from the rain. All is well though and the weekend promises to be grand! Hope you're enjoying your spring break!

Stamps Family said...

i was about to put up my cloths line, boy am i glad i waited! but the rain is good. april showers bring may flowers

brooklynx said...

Bubba doesn't even know when it's raining outside. Silly kitty.