18 July 2007

intelligence, knowledge, and wit = ravenclaw

Dear Readers,

I have just received my invitation as a first year to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am in the process of finding and purchasing all the needed supplies listed in my letter. Among them, a pair of rosewood wands in 10 inches, from the mountains of Lantern Moon (Ollivander's Wand Shop was having a two-for-one sale). I have been told that these wands have been made with a core of baby alpaca fiber found in the Andes of Northern Bolivia. However, these longer wands will not be used in the classes of Arithmancy (numbers, equations, and complicated number charts) or Charms (use of wands), so I also purchased 5-5 inch ebony size 1 double pointed wands. From Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions shop, which she has recently expanded to include spun, yet unwoven, natural fibers, I will order the required colors and fiber needed for my pal this first year. Until the quarter starts, I will work with the wool fibers in the colors of my House and my new rosewood wands for practice. Professor Flitwick, who teaches Charms, has seen that Flourish & Blotts has plenty of books on the shelves showing techniques using the longer, larger wands.

Already buried deep in a spell book,

Lily Ravenclaw, First Year.

Oh, my...what am I doing?! I've joined up with about 150 other frenzied knitters for Hogwarts Sock Swap Two. Don't get confused...the "two" represents the second round--however, there will be year ones (like me) who are invited for the first time, and year twos who are returning for the second "year" but are also in "swap two" just like year ones (in "swap two"). There! Clear as mud on a windshield! Sign-up's for new first years began June 15. Send your "internet owl" over there if you are interested in knitting socks as well as meeting new knitting friends. Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress will be waiting.

Questions requested to be answered forthwith:

  1. What Hogwarts house have I been sorted into? Weren't you there? Don't you remember? The sorting hat could only have placed me in one house for my first year...intelligence, knowledge, and wit...Ravenclaw was the obvious choice.

  2. What is my shoe size? In the US, it's a 7 to 7 1/2. In European, it's a 38.

  3. What is my foot length? In inches: (total foot length) 9 1/4 inches; if I had my toes a different color, my toe length alone is 1 3/4 inches. In centimeters: (total foot length) 23.5 cm; if I had my toes a different color, my toe length alone is 4.5cm. (Remember, if toes are knitted in a different color, to subtract that length from the total foot length.)

  4. What is my foot circumference? In inches: 8 5/8 inches. In centimeters: 22cm.

  5. List my three favorite dpn brands, including the size and length. Lantern Moon "rosewood" and/or "ebony", 5 inches (12.7cm), sizes 1 (2.25mm) and 2 (2.75mm). Brittany, 5 inches (12.7cm), size 2 (2.75mm). Crystal Palace, 6 inches (15.2cm), size 1 1/2 (2.5mm).

  6. Would I like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand, size, and length? Sure, yes, of course! I have always looked at Blue Sky Alpaca dpn's, which are 5 inches (12.7cm) in length, and sizes 1 (2.25mm) or 2 (2.75mm). However, I know they are pricey in nature. I have also thought of, but have never used, aluminum or metal dpn's. Sometimes I have wished for a wee, small length to finish off projects. Addi has a set of dpn's that are aluminum, 4 inches (10.2cm) in length, and range in sizes 0 (2mm), 1 (2.25mm), 2 (2.75mm), 3 (3.25mm) (for purposes of socks).

  7. If I am in Ravenclaw, do I prefer colors in the film or the book? Do I have a strong preference? That's me! I'm in Ravenclaw! I assume "colors" are referring to the "metal" color. In the film, it is "grey" while in the book, it is "bronze". I prefer grey (or gray). I really do have a strong preference. I would like to be true to the book, but I truly don't like metal-sheened fibers/yarns. If someone was able to find a "bronze" color but not metal in look or feel, that would be fine. That usually brings one back to grey. Bronze is hard to match without looking gold in nature. **Added later: I found a Ravenclaw sock yarn with a warm brown (serving as a bronze) which I find very pleasing. It's at Woolgirl.**

  8. Allergies? Do I have any? Will my knitting be exposed to smoke or animals? I do not have allergies--not in the fiber department or animal department. I do, however, have two cats, one of which loves to cuddle while I knit (we won't talk about the other, which prefers to eat wool so knitting is highly protected from him). There is no smoke around, near, inside, or outside of my home or me. No. No.

  9. Am I an international participant (outside the U.S.)? Am I willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal? I live in the U.S. I am, indeed, willing to have an international pal.


Sally-Anne said...

Tralawney had a vision there would be a flood of owls in the air. A bad omen she says.

I say it is a sweet signal for a new adventure...

Let the needles fly!

monnibo said...

heheh heey that was really good! you certainly know your potter!

Sally-Anne said...

On question #7 you list Woolgirl's fiber as an example of brown. How about the blue? That shade looks a bit light for Ravenclaw.

Sally Anne

Sally-Anne said...

Don't know where my comment went. So here it is again.

Question on foot circumference. Did you measure the ball of your foot or the largest area from the instep? I think I messed up and gave the instep measure. So sorry if it cause your knitting to 'engorgo'. The ball of my foot measures 9 1/8".


BuBBle GuM KniTs! said...

You posted a question on how to knit socks on circs. I've posted the tutorial links on my site.


And edited my questionaire to update some info. Thanks pal.

Sally-Anne Clearwater