26 July 2007

notes to pals

Dear KVVS pal:

Here's a hint of an item prepared for your package. Sirani (the cat) is not included but she is part of the hint. She helped in the knitting...can you tell? You must forgive her as she was chewing on her plant and was a little "high".

Dear Sally-Anne:

Nascha, my beautiful owl, was quite tired from a three-day flight to deliver the fibers I ordered on Muggle-net from Madam Milkin's shop. She brought two packages, laying them on a pallet outside my potions shed.

With a simple Alohomora, the paper folded open to reveal:

One containing fibers cast in Gryffindor house colors.

One containing a lushious skein of "Sexy Chocolate Cherry" sock yarn which took flight shortly after I unwrapped it, to land in my blackberry bush. This bush is known to attack anyone who gets too close to it with deadly thorns. After the extraction of the sock yarn, a healing spell was required (not for the fiber but for me). The blackberry plant now is thornless, thanks to yet another spell I found in a dusty book in the northeast corner of the library.

Gathering materials to start soon,

Your partner, Lily Ravenclaw


~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Can I have your cat? Lol. You all make me soo jealous! Every knitter needs a cat! Too bad I can't have one until I finally own a house!

Doris Dumbledore said...

Yes, I do live in what the Muggles call East--when I saw the time stamp on my post this morning I was a little startled! It was early, but not THAT early. My imaginative daughter (she of the dream swatch headband) woke me in the middle of a hot & humid night when she couldn't get back to sleep (nightmares). So we tried every Muggle remedy known to mothers before giving up and deciding to be the first ones at our local pool. The Aqueous Reducto charm worked a treat on the scary fiends haunting her!

KSee said...

your kitty looks like a clone of mine! What a surprise to find him. The colours of the yarn are stunning. I have read (listened)to both of the books your reading. I'm in the middle of HP now. Should be done by the end of the week.