17 July 2007

ten favorite movies from my childhood

My childhood was in the 60's, so movies that I remember are few and far between. Let me clarify why: not because they were so long ago (even though they were), but I was not raised on or with tv; the small town I grew up in had (*chuckle* still has) only one indoor one-screen movie theater and one seasonally-open single-screen outdoor drive-in. In my home, it was a big deal to go to the movies. It was predominately better to go to the drive-in than the theater--so much "cooler" and "hip". As a parent now, I can look back and see the attraction of the drive-in to my mother: no other people's noise and talking, the children can just go to sleep in the car, bring your own food, and get out some excess energy before the movie by letting the children play on the playground (there was a playground off to one side of the drive-in).

  1. Mary Poppins (seen at the drive-in)--yes, the first time it was shown to the public. Chim chim cher-ee.

  2. Nevada Smith (seen at the theatre for a matinee)--my brother and I were much too young to see it but the marque said the matinee was a Disney film, which it wasn't. I am still scarred from some of the scenes in the original movie. To watch it now, some of those scenes have been edited out.

  3. Sound of Music (seen at the drive-in)--still my favorite.

  4. Fantastic Voyage (seen at the theatre)--this was before computer help with special effects.

  5. Polly Anna (seen at the drive-in)--to this day, when I see lamps with beads and crystals hanging from the rim of the shade, I remember that movie.

  6. The Love Bug (seen at the drive-in)--this is the original. My first car was a VW Bug, special edition gold-colored, with a sun roof. I loved my VW Bug. It could go through snow drifts like a pro.

  7. That Darn Cat (seen at the drive-in)--helps explain my love of cats and their independence.

  8. The Three Lives of Thomasina (seen at the drive-in)--solidifies my attraction to cats.

  9. Jaws (seen at the theatre)--I still wonder what lurks deep in the water where I can't see.

  10. The Jungle Book (seen at the drive-in)--yes, this is the original, too.

If I would feel safe now at a drive-in (which I don't), I would go. Think of the knitting one could get done while watching a movie. No lost DPN's on a sloping, sticky floor. Room to spread out your work and munchies. No one complaining of a flashlight or reading light.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, our drive-in experiences were similar. Great memories!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. No, I'm not doing the bingo game. I can't figure out how to do the card!!! How pathetic am I? ha ha...

alisonwonderland said...

i put #1, #3, and #5 on my list too! happy tuesday!

duchessofgravity said...

we used to go to the drive in in denver...i wonder if there is one here in orlando. hmmmm.

oh and those stitch markers are made from a polymer clay. can't remeber is it's fimo or not. but they are al lthe same. pick some up at michaels or joanns or something. super fun to play with :) oh and theres books about it if you're nervous about trying it :)

Robin said...

Love those headlamps! They are soooo usful. I keep one in my knitting bag. If only I could figure out how to knit AND drive!