14 March 2012

fortnight :: one

Peeking out from behind black-out curtains and camera lens, dipping my toes briefly over the edge, taking shallow breaths...

I share a glimpse, a gander, of myself (be gentle).
I am a
Purveyor of sowing seeds:  in gardens and in children’s minds,
Keeper of laundry, two cats, and painted walls,
Whisperer to wild birds,
Believer in fairies, decorating mailing boxes, and holding hands,
Mistress of blue jeans and wool socks,
Breeder (apparently) of a thriving litter of feral dust bunnies,
Architect to wicked loaves of fresh bread,
Collector of books (Kindle has not kept my hunger at bay),
Aficionado of wool and alpaca fibers,
Fierce supporter of husband and daughter.
Hello.  Namaste.
scintilla:  a hint, a trace, a spark, a flash

day one:  who are you?  come show yourself.

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