21 March 2012

fortnight :: six

Your were supposed to be my knight, my protector, someone to look up to--a replacement to my original.
You were not.
I was still a child, in transition.
You tried to tarnish my passage, fracture me.
You did not.
I took my bruised soul, my ache, my sadness, and hid them away,
told no one,
said nothing.
You left.
I felt relief--I no longer needed to be on guard.
You returned...why?
My new mantra:  never be home alone.
It took a long time--a seemingly endless time--to not feel the possibility of danger.
I no longer fear.
You are now old and broken.
I believe you live in fear.

scintilla:  a hint, a trace, a spark, a flash

day six:  write a letter to the bully, the aggressor that you always wanted to but couldn't quite.  tell them why they can't affect you anymore.

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