12 March 2012

trekking peaks and valleys

It's been over a year since I posted.  Yikes.  Now that's not to say I just put my what-ever hand up, turned my back, and shrugged my shoulders.  Nope.  I have written oh so many entries--on napkins, on index cards, in the margins of notebooks--, taken hundreds of photos, but there are sometimes such pressing things in life that one day, one week, one month, (a year), just slips by, not always in a fast what-happened-to-the-day kind of way but some in a will-this-day-ever-come-to-a-close kind of way.

(quilt for a friend's new baby girl...sized to wrap her through to her college days)

(ocean and beach house quilt)

There's so much to tell.  Miles of yarn have been knitted--and frogged.  Yards of fabric cut, matched, and sewn.  Thousands of miles logged in travel.  A year's-plus of garden planted, harvested, and planted again.  Fences down, stone walls up.  A constant rotation of stone-laden pallets emptied and replaced with more (who needs a driveway to park anyway).  More than thirty yards of soil moved, by hand, shovel by painful shovel.  Paint peeled off floors, paint added to walls.

So I begin again, here.

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