05 May 2007

welcome to my world!

I introduce to you: da Vinci with the look of trouble.

Da Vinci's footprints to the right as he makes his great escape through the mud this morning to the up-righted pallet leaning against the fence, which acts like a ramp for just such an occasion. On the other side: paradise--two foot tall green grass to graze. My footprint to the left as I follow in hot pursuit trying in desperation to catch him before he sails over the fence, all the while calling frantically "kitten, kitten" like a crazed woman, still in pajamas and sporting "morning hair". Now, he loves the outdoors but he is not the brightest cat and I'm afraid he would forget where he is and that he has a home. This is the cat who will watch you walk through the room but instead of turning his head, will drop his head back, watching you upside down. This is the cat who climbs ladders like we walk up stairs...yes, ladders. This is the cat who can open the front door (we have a handle that pulls down to open...not a doorknob) by jumping up, tapping, and hanging on the handle. This is the cat who will stop everything to be brushed...and brushed...and brushed. This is the cat who eats my sweaters...eats my wool. I'm afraid to put him with sheep.

The wisteria is taking over the side of the house. Check out the fantastic shade it's providing. (This is directed to my daughter who wished for something green and alive on that side of the house when she was at home.)

Oh, the thrill! Oh, the joy! Tomatoes are growing! Sweet summer is approaching with the taste of fresh produce from the garden.


brooklynx said...

DaVinci is such a punum. You're a cruel mama to not let him jump the fence as he so clearly needs to.

Mistress of the Stash said...

I think my cat escapes just so she can witness my embarassment as I run through the neighborhood in my pj's. lol They're sneaky little things!