08 May 2007

yummy treats

Three Lopi pattern books! I have already started on one using the yarn featured. More to come as the project starts looking like something...I frogged three times (wrong color combo, twisting, and skirmish with the cat where wool was partially digested before being thrown-up) but the number four seems to be working for me. Until I get to the yoke, it's pretty boring with knit, knit, knit in the round. The main body color? The dark green, which is not as shiny as it appears in the photo (early morning lighting and a bit of the wrong angle).

Starting with a few key ingredients--"three crab" fish sauce, rice sticks (noodles), peanut oil, garlic, fresh limes, hot sauce, and fresh cilantro from the garden--(this is not all of them, and of course I made a few adjustments to the original recipe--who cooks directly item by item, word by word from a recipe anyway?) and the wonderful recipe from Ruth Reichl's book, Garlic and Sapphires...




was created and eaten with relish.

Just "warm" from the hot sauce, tangy from the fresh lime juice and fresh cilantro added at the last minute.

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marta said...

yummy! Now that I have a little time, I'm looking forward to healthy meals - that looks like one that will definitely go on the menu.

Thanks for the comment about "Kids Rock" - you are SO right! The teacher for the 6th grade class is AWESOME. She planned a great day and left detailed plans. The only snafu was when half the class "forgot" (oh, really? or is it just "let's see what the sub will fall for?") their info on mythology at home. That's when we had that great discussion. She had included her objectives, so it was easy for me to read the assignment/info then *still* teach her lesson to her objective via discussion - heh. Now, I'm on the job hunt and can only hope to aspire to teach as well as the teachers I've known while student teaching (that 6th grade teacher is one).