30 May 2007

naked ladies dancing in the garden

There are naked ladies dancing in the garden! Bulbs, corms, and such are just wonderful additions to a yard or garden. They surprise the viewer with a varied pallet throughout the growing season.

This particular bulb is really not an Amaryllis belladonna, but a Hippeastrum. However, I still love the name of "naked ladies" so I will continue to call them such. Don't you love the horticulture business that just assigns names to plants incorrectly? No wonder so many people are confused about what to plant, why it didn't grow, or grew to twice the size it was supposed to. Grrrr. All I can say is to take that handy plant identification book with you when you are choosing landscaping. Think carefully. Do research.

Enjoy my pictures. Don't they remind you of the plant on "Little Shop of Horrors"?


brooklynx said...

Pretty flowers!

Devonshire said...

What lovely flowers. I wanted to email you a reply, but I can't find your email - thanks for the comments on my blog and also don't you just love The Kite Runner! That is an amazing book.

Jane's Designs said...

I get the boys every year with "Look at those Naked Ladies on the side of the road" the funny part they fall for it every year.