24 May 2007

goodies from across the Atlantic

The word "excited" seems to be used often (I am as guilty as the next person) so I consulted my handy-dandy beat up looking, bloated (no, really--you know what happens to paperbacks when they get wet and expand to two times their normal size?) Bantam Collegiate Roget's Thesaurus (copyright 1987) for words to replace it. I don't throw this tattered book away because I love the format and font. I look. I do. Every time I am in a bookstore, which is often because it contains one of my vices--books, I look but I can't seem to find the "perfect" thesaurus. One should have a thesaurus that feels right. It's your friend and confidante, not just a book that sits idly by during the writing process. So, I search in my yellow-paged thesaurus for "excited". What I find are words not fitting for the occasion of receiving a package all the way from Europe sent by a fellow knitter and coffee addict. Words such as: aroused, animated, evoked, stirred, kindled. Humm. Maybe I should look tomorrow at my neighborhood bookstore one more time.

My coffee/knitting pal was told my package would take possibly up to a month to complete it's journey. It didn't, thankfully. I was given by the postal service almost that same amount of time for her package to arrive from me. We'll see. Customs and international mail!

I was so delighted to open my package. Just like having a birthday half way through the year. Packages in the mail are always exciting (oops, there's that word again) to get. I don't know if it's having it addressed specifically to me, or the anticipation of opening the box for the unknown inside.

My package contained many more items than I expected. A beautiful mug, which I promptly cleaned and used the following day. English Rose Sweets (how did my pal know that I enjoy little hard candies while I read?). French nougat candies with almonds and pistachios (these are so tasty with coffee). Whittard breakfast coffee (smooth and rich...yes, good with the nougats). Fleece Artist merino wool sock yarn, rainforest colorway--this is so yummy. I can't wait to get my needles wrapped around it. Oh, oh, she also sent me two CD's she made of music, some of which are recordings of a live concert she sang in! I have been listening to them every day in the vehicle as I commute in traffic. As an added bonus, my da Vinci cat now has his own fleece to play with, instead of my knitting. Thank you my dear pal!


emicat said...

What a beautiful package your pal sent you :)

AllyB said...

Greetings! I'm enjoying your blog, beautiful pics, thank you for caring about the planet. One at a time we'll make a difference.

Tournesol said...

Cool photo. I'm so happy that you like everything! I hope the mouse will distract da Vinci from your knitting projects - at least for a while... :-)

Knit Me said...

Whata treat to come home and have your package waiting for you! And all the goodies.....I can't wait to see which socks the Fleece Artist becomes-happy knitting

Knittymama said...

Wow, whata wonderful package!!!!