10 September 2007

contest called by slytherin prefect

In the quest to have other students at Hogwarts better understand us, we students of the "Sock Swap 2" class were given the task of answering questions about ourselves.

  • As a pet companion while at Hogwarts, I would choose a cat (since I really only have three accepted choices). A cat will keep one company during studies, both in the House common room as well as the sleeping quarters, and at night curling into the crook of an arm or knee. A cat could travel in the Muggle world without causing a stir. If one could choose "outside" of the approved list, I would have a sheep (kept safe and away from other creatures such as dragons, of course). It could provide fleece much needed for making clothes for house elves.
  • The sweets/treats I would get from Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade would be milk chocolate frogs, cockroach clusters (almonds or walnuts), and chocoballs. Ambosius Flume is well known in the wizard world for his variety of fine chocolates.
  • In describing my typical, casual, while-not-at-work Muggle outfit, I would say Levis button-up (blue)-jeans (all the Muggles wear them), three-quarter sleeve black, brown, or blue t-shirt, Birkenstocks, hand-knitted socks (in cooler weather), a wool or alpaca pullover sweater in cooler weather or a hooded-sweatshirt.
  • My favorite subject to study at Hogwarts would be difficult to say. I have three in top running and which one is top on the list changes with the hour/day. These top three are transfiguration, herbology, and potions. In learning transfiguration, wouldn't it be grand to be able to change into other creatures and experience flying, or climbing a tree, or digging a hole? To wander unnoticed by others? With herbology, one could have a fantastic garden and be able to take care of those nasty Muggle viruses right away. Potions demands careful thought and measurement, like a Muggle chemistry or biology class.
  • My least favorite subject to study at Hogwarts would be divination. It is a class only a few can succeed at. Predicting future events carries with it great sorrow and responsibility.
  • In shopping for ingredients in the Muggle world for potion making, In kitchen potion making, I would be looking for black beluga or petite golden lentils, Yama Moto Yama "Genmai-cha" green tea with roasted brown rice, whole bean rich unflavored coffee beans, and raw walnuts. Colors of the potions: earth tones, deep rich tones--nothing glaring or flashy. The lentils provide warmth and comfort, the tea and coffee provide cleansing and restfulness, the walnuts provide a surprise in a salad. In bathroom potion making, I would be looking for chamomile, lemon, or patchouli essences which would be used to wash the body or found in a candle.

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