04 September 2007

fire inventory

Although there's been an abundance of rain and moisture, almost to the point of saturation in the eastern U.S., here in California it's been hot and dry. It's not abnormal to have August cook its way towards autumn, and so the month went out as thirsty and parched as it began, with zero precipitation. Trees ill-equipped to handle the hot, dry climate in the valley, planted by landscapers as a cheap, quick fix to the bare land along roadways, in parking lots, and in front lawns of cookie-cutter houses, are showing their stress. The leaves are turning caramel colored and blanketing the baked ground like a crazy patchwork of bronze. The grasses in the foothills, long since given in to the heat, lay like a sepia shag carpet between the oak trees. We are still in the depths of fire season here.

One reads about the items people grab and save in the panic of escaping a fire. Sometimes the items make sense (financial papers, pets, photographs) to be rescued. Sometimes the items are rather odd (from most people's view point) and seemingly random for the effort of rescue (antique chair, suitcase, dishes). I have made a list of ten things I would save in a fire. Remember, this is my list. I have tried to explain the reasoning behind each "save."

  • Of course, I will start by lumping several things together. These items seem obvious to me, kind of a "duh" knee-jerk reaction--thus all under one big "umbrella," if you will: any people and/or animals being threatened or near in the pathway of the fire; important paperwork in the home office (neatly organized in a fire-proof box) like passports, insurance information, and important contact information.

  • My down pillow. Now, it's not an extraordinary or outstanding down pillow, not made from special fluff of a rare goose, not lined with noteworthy Egyptian cotton. It's a pillow that is broken-down, crushed, as they get with time, losing some loft and shape. It flattens easily when needed, wraps neatly between my arm and neck, making me feel relaxed and safe. This pillow always travels with me--to Chicago, to China (yes, you can giggle all you want, but I like to carry my pillow for its coziness and my contentment, no matter the distance).

  • My toothbrush. My Sonicare, electric, vibrating, massaging toothbrush. What pedicures do for the feet, what manicures do for the hands--my Sonicare does for my teeth and gums. A mouth is an entry point for bacteria. I may lose a house in a fire, but I will have a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

  • A sweatshirt with a hood. A sweatshirt is good to keep you warm, to wedge behind your back for comfort in an uncomfortable chair, or rolled up for a pillow (for those times I don't have my trusty down pillow). The hood is very important. It covers and protects the head, in case you find yourself somewhere like a movie theater where who knows how many people laid their dirty heads on the seat-back prior to you taking that seat. Um-hum...think about it.

  • A pair of comfortable Levi's. They don't have to be the brand specifically--Levi's brand-name is used in a generic sense for most people to describe blue jeans made of a canvas type material--although I am partial to the button-up front. The crucial aspect is that they are comfortable and durable.

  • Extra pairs of clean underwear. Doesn't everything have a better outlook with a fresh pair of underwear?

  • A pair of hand-knitted merino wool socks. Mmmmm. Total complete bliss, tranquility, and luxury. One can look at the feet and say they are loved.

  • My backpack. I have some delightful and brilliant bags, as well as baskets, but I still have a hard time kicking the habit of my backpack. It carries so well, snuggles my laptop in padded bliss, and has pockets of all sizes for every need. It fits well under an airline seat, keeps both the hands and arms free for drinking that wonderful caffeine elixir called coffee, as well as retains control of all items within zippers.

  • My Birkenstocks and my Mephistos. I can't decide. My Birks have been with me for many many years. They are truly comfortable. I could walk in them all day without an issue. They look great with a pair of hand-knitted socks too. My Mephistos don't have the history with my feet that the Birks do. However, they did travel with me to China last year. Can't wear socks with them, though.

There it is. My fire inventory list. Why didn't I include my knitting, or a book (or three), or my purse? Well, frankly, all those things are usually by the front door, next to or in the backpack, so I would probably grab it all anyway.

B.: This is a "Where's Waldo" question but much easier to answer--what has been added to this picture that is a surprise? [Hint: look at the toes.] I don't color my toes. I just don't. But I was talked into a slice-of-heaven pedicure today by C. This is the result.


brooklynx said...

You're so funny with your hoods and movie theaters. *hugs*

Also, dude. You painted your toenails. The mind boggles. They're awfully cute too. Looks like a similar color to what I have on my fingernails right now. And yaye! I'm so happy you're continuing to pay attention to your feet. Pedicures are fun, no?

Reposted,cause damn if the typo wasn't going to annoy me for hours.

Tournesol said...

Love the nail varnish! Looks cool.