28 September 2007

structure of autumn

Looking at the coming months of cooler to cold weather, my thoughts and actions have been focused inside. For me, autumn is the time to do the major cleaning and gleaning of files, drawers, closets, and boxes. The clutter and collections of the warmer months are mocking me from the desk, bookshelves, and wardrobe. I don't want to be inside with the approaching days of less light, living with the carefree disorder of summer.

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Luni said...

What beautiful bread! I just took a bread-making class, trying to learn how to translate such skills to a higher altitude, so I appreciate a well-kneaded loaf. I usually cheat and use my bread-maker. :) King Arthur flour was the one our teacher recommended. It's nice to see a hummer. All of ours have flown south by now.