07 September 2007

an unveiling

The month of September has started out in a spectacular way with the arrival of several boxes over the past few days.

First, I must say a "wow" and most heart-felt thank you to my pal from KVVS, Cass. Can you just feel the softness? The deep rich color is fabulous. Pure joy at receiving this (Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color 6281):

And then came her box from Tennessee, exploding with the most delightful items (information pamphlets on the National Storytelling Festival and the Center, a pictorial map of Jonesborough, milk chocolate, playing cards with Great Smokey Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains images, a national storytelling mug, "Storytellers Brew" coffee beans, wildflowers seed collection of the Blue Ridge Mountains, "Tennessee Fire" hot sauce, "Tennessee's Best" apple butter, Prairie Home Companion's Pretty Good Joke Book, an early American "Ring Knitter", and two magazines Blue Ridge Country (similar to Sunset in the West) and WNC: Mountain Living in Western North Carolina). I don't know how she knew that I love storytelling and incorporate these skills (not at the same level as those that attend the national festivals) in my teaching. The chocolate and coffee--divine. I can't wait to plant the seeds in my flower bed next spring. The hot sauce will be with dinner tonight, the apple butter for breakfast. The playing cards will be used regularly. Prairie Home Companion has been my weekly "me" time with the radio for over twenty years. The instructions for the ring knitter says it is the perfect size to make rope. I am so buying some hemp and giving it a try. The two magazines are brilliant. They are a magical way to see my pal's part of the country. There is an article in WNC about bluegrass music (one of my favorites). For years I have wanted to learn to play the fiddle. Between this article, and the post in a favorite blog-read of mine, I am going to have to seriously look into a fiddle with lessons! Again, thank you my virtual vacation pal. I treasure my items. This experience has shown me that Tennessee needs to be on my "to do" list of vacation spots.

Following those, two other boxes were dropped off. They had these, for my birthday (which is at the end of the month):

I can't wait to use them. No more begging my knitting pals to bring theirs to our nights-o'knitting.

Books for inspiration and expansion of my creative side:

I can hardly wait for cool weather. They are the perfect catalyst for a new project or two. Amazon is my friend.


emicat said...

You received a very nice KVVS package. Love the swift and ball winder. One of my best investments, for sure :)

cher said...

I *heart* Amazon also.
I know you'll LOVE having a swift and winder around. All you need is a wheel and roving and we can all hang out at your place on Wednesdays! Great stuff you got there!

Sharon said...

Does this mean that YOU'll be bringing the swift and winder to knit group?