09 March 2008

beer, sweat, and a near-miss with a nail gun

First on the scene of weekend duties was the nail gun. Who knew that nail guns could be dangerous {snort with one raised eyebrow}. It was "just" a near-miss to the finger with a negligible nick, but it still counts, right? Stop your gasping...it wasn't me. My DH, aka the engineer-work-horse, constructed a frame for a concrete footing and poured concrete this weekend.

Then came the amber-colored liquid and sweat. Did you know it takes more than a six-pack to move (many times between purchasing and pouring), mix, pour, and finish 48 - 60 pound bags of concrete?

One step closer to having the front "yard" becoming eye-catching instead of an eye-sore. Our neighbors have so much patience. In addition, we have a seven-year-old budding-engineer neighbor who bombarded him with questions and observations several times during the day. Contrary to what you might think, he throughly enjoyed nourishing her quest of knowledge.

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Bubblesknits said...

I sooo want a nail gun. For some reason, the hubby won't let me have one. ;-p