14 March 2008

an irrational day

I so look forward to Pi Day each year. My collection of activities continues to grow, linking all the areas of learning for students (and sometimes other teachers--why is it that so many teachers are afraid of math?--sigh).

There are two videos/songs which are fantastic to use in stirring up excitement in students.

A little language with a palindrome: "I prefer pi."

And a limerick:
If inside a circle a line
Hits the center and goes spine to spine
And the line's length is "d"
the circumference will be
d times 3.14159

At home, since we are teacher and engineer, of course we celebrated Pi Day in style. Homemade pizza and fresh cherry pie with cinnamon.

What a great day it is, for we also celebrate Albert Einstein's birthday today!

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marta said...

Thank you so much for your wisdom on teaching. It befuddles me that schools get their funds cut first when it's exactly what we, as a society, needs most in rough times (shrug). I'll hang in there...it's oddly and rather morbidly reassuring to hear it's tough all over. Misery loves company? Anyway - thanks so much for you beautiful posts.