06 March 2008

what am i doing?

I am easily affected by words. They can be magical, enveloping the reader in another time, awarding the reader a chance to experience the senses through a written communiqué and one's own imagination. Knowing this about me, you must understand a thesaurus is one of my favorite books to rummage through. I have three of them on my reference shelf: two are fair enough to use but not edited as well as I would like (and I just don't care for the fonts particularly); one has been previously moistened by a leaking water bottle (accidents happen) but this is by far my favorite issue and publisher, thus has been well used, with dog-eared corners and clear packing tape holding it together. Have you ever watched in horror as a paperback swells up to double its original size? It's not a pretty sight. Yet, this edition continues to work well for me and I am opposed to giving it up.

This discourse is not about words alone, but also photographs. Snapshots, taken by both amateur and professional, stop time for a split second, filling the mind with images of texture, shadow, and color. For some, a picture can be like a siren's call to the viewer, conjuring up stories and history.

If, as is sometimes the case in blog-land, there is a memorable fusion of both words and image, it can have consequences beyond the receiver's command. Such was my situation last week when my senses took a holiday while reading the bewitching words "Moroccan Days--Arabian Nights" and gazing at the sparkle of wee beads artfully knitted in splendid lacework.

Things to stock up on in the next week:

  • a big bottle of Motrin
  • a very teeny tiny crochet hook
  • a magnetic chart keeper/holder
  • beads: 5000, size 8
Why, you ask? Within the next week I will receive a package from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit. I partially blame Susan for designing a stunning lace wrap named "Moroccan Days/ Arabian Nights", Cass for giving her readers (like me) such powerful words as "swoon", and Ravelry for being so organized (of course there's a KAL). I can't be responsible. It's not my fault I am weak for words and shiny, pretty objects.

What am I doing? Breathe. Thirty inches wide and ninety inches long (it seems smaller when the numbers are written out as words) of lace and beads--5000 small beads. Breathe.

I'm regarding--ok, I'm ogling at--the photo again. Oh, so pretty. May the jinneyeh of the stories in "One Thousand and One Nights" guide me as I embark on my own journey of knitting what looks to me much like a magical carpet. Oh, what a ride it will be!

**These photos are from Flickr and Susan. I can only hope my final photos are as wonderful.


Cass said...

WOW you're so brave!!! I'm still only dreaming about making it, and haven't take the actual plunge. Don't those beads SCARE you?!?
Can't wait to watch you go!!!

Antevasin said...

Ohhh. this shall be such a delectable sight for the senses! I can hardly wait to watch you do this!!!

Gotta Knit! said...

It is amazingly beautiful. Truly a work of art.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. I bow down to your bravery! It's going to be gorgeous, though!

Courtney said...

That is truly an amazing piece of work... Motrin might not cut it though, I am thinking more a long the lines of Vicodin LOL :-)