30 March 2008

turning to the dark side

Last night was the self-monitored Earth Hour blackout. The hope was to connect the world as a community about global warming by asking everyone to switch off power to non-essential devices for one hour--8 pm to 9 pm (your local time).

What a prize opportunity, especially in the larger cities where light pollution overpowers even the brightest of stars, to take binoculars and telescopes outside for a little family time under the stars.

One hour to honor the Earth, each other, and ourselves.


Blogging Molly said...

Laurie - I linked over here via Diane at Mackville Road. Our family participated in Earth Hour last night - now I wish we could do it every night! For the first part of the hour we rode bikes in the dark, then we spent some quiet time in front of the fire with a few candles lit on the mantle. Perhaps next year we will promote Earth Hour within our community so that more people can enjoy the magic of lights out.

LotusKnits said...

I love this idea, but we completely forgot about it last night.