26 March 2008

wayside market and grill

I drove by this store on my way to a friend's work (she's crazy in a wild got-to-always-be-teaching kind of way so is teaching over spring break). It's a good thing the speed limit was twenty five miles per hour or I would have caused a serious accident gawking at the sign. This is obviously in a rural area (live bait and tackle), and seems to be covering all the basic needs of the community. I wonder...are the bars on the windows to keep the live bait in (just being curious in a snarky way).

I asked if we were going to lunch there, and my friend gave me a look. You know that look: eye brows up, eyes popping, white, ashen face.

No, we didn't eat lunch there.


Bubblesknits said...


sophanne said...

hey wait- you can still say you've "gone by the wayside."

Antevasin said...

Scooter and I had lunch one weekend at a place like that in the Feather River Canyon...ummmm, all I can say is your friend had your back!