23 June 2008

"fruitful" weekend

Whew! What a weekend! Our house was buzzing with house guests, shopping (which, if you know me, you would know I don't without protest--shopping is so not my "thing", but for others I will gladly be a chauffeur and sherpa, all the while being pleased at their excitement), learning, and eating plenty of fresh, local produce.

My mom has come into the twenty-first century in a big way. See the blue-tooth ear piece? She absolutely delights in the control of answering the phone anywhere, anytime without having to fish in her cavernous purse before the ringing stops. She wears it all the time. In her good ear. You would think that this would cause problems with conversations but she still hears quite well. Notice the pretty, sleek computer on her lap? This is her first computer (no, really...read that again with emphasis on each word). The line "an apple a day" comes to mind: she has embraced the basic workings of the computer itself and online surfing--next week I will introduce her to email and on-line chatting. Baby steps. I must say, she has picked up trolling websites rather well. I sing great praises to the Apple.


marta said...

Wow...your mom is so, so COOL! How's the heat your way? It's been hot here and TFoS isn't coming along as quickly as I thought it would.
TAG! Yer it! (heh, go to my blog to see the rules.)

Bubblesknits said...

LOL Then introduce her to Plurk. :-)