03 June 2008

tuesday market finds

This week a local farmer's market opened for the season. And such treasures I found! Yes, I have my own raised bed garden, a fairly substantial-in-size garden, but I am always on the look for items I prefer not to grow, or have trouble growing, or just too lazy to grow.

Many of the items were what I expected to find this early in the season--raspberries, strawberries, cherries, lettuces, herbs, tomatoes...all fresh, ripe, and flavorful. Walking by each booth sent a mingling of sweet and savory smells to the senses. What captivated my attention (and appetite)? I picked up some outstanding tomatoes and fresh basil, a few thorn-less (!) artichokes, and (a fantastic surprise) some peaches. These peaches are from a test crop of a new variety designed to produce very early in the year. With the heat wave we had a couple weeks ago, these pretty babies are sweet and juicy.

And just like that... I have the makings of dinner, if I can keep my hands off the merchandise until then!


Antevasin said...

Is that the Tuesday night farmer's market downtown? All of that looks yummmy!!!

Schmutzie said...

You've just reminded me that I want to go to the farmers' market on Saturday! Fresh produce out in the open air is so inviting.