30 June 2008

let's pause for a moment

There are eight weeks to September...that's 56 days left of what I have always thought of as summer. Plenty of time for picnics, camping, hikes, and beach combing. Oh, and yes, for finishing up the front terrace, completing the sprinkler system, and tearing down a non-load-bearing wall to open up living space. All these activities accompanied with a great deal of photography to test and play with my new Nikon camera and her capabilities.

Fifty. Six. Days. Right then, let's not dilly-dally and waste time. Here we go!


marta said...

That's a nice long summer! I begin training on 7/24 then arrive at school 8/6. It seems very early to me. My kids don't start until 8/19.

Courtney said...

Yep I will bring the mini sweaters... what do you mean I am tagged...??